Changes the access settings on the Vault or Path on the vault.
When no path is given, the 'Vault' permissions are modified

GlobalOpenEmail2Folder allows or disallows anonymous Email2Folder.

Authentication Methods

  1. With a username and password
  2. Using Kerberos
Input Parameter Type Description
Token* String Security token
FileServerName* String FileServer name
GlobalOpenEmail2Folder Boolean True to allow everyone to mail files
Email[]* EmailAddress Array with email addresses to update access settings for
Access[]* AccessType Array of access types for the provided user
AllowInvite[]* Boolean Array of Booleans to allow invite or not for the user
OpenEmail2Folder[]* Boolean Array of Booleans to allow e2f for the user
AllowFolderLink[]* Boolean
AllowWidget[]* Boolean
SkipNotify Boolean
Path String Optional path, will change the access for the user on that path
Output Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean True if success, false if failed
curl -v --globoff '[][]=ReadWrite&AllowInvite[]=true&OpenEmail2Folder[]=false&Email[][]=ReadWrite&AllowInvite[]=true&OpenEmail2Folder[]=false&SkipNotify=true&Path=/mysubfolder'